Photo: Alexa Viscius

Bnny coolly stroll through their past and future on the breezy “Time Walk”

Bnny is a Chicago-based band spearheaded by Jess Viscius and also featuring her twin sister Alexa Viscius, plus best friends Tim Makowski and Matt Pelkey. With a few singles to their name, they’ve now been signed by Fire Talk, and today they share their first single for the heat-seeking label, “Time Walk”. Jess reveals:

“‘Time Walk’ is about the clarity you find when in motion—walking, driving, running. It’s about a friendship ending, but still feeling connected to the person. It’s about looking back while moving forward in slow motion. Time walk is a wake-up call.”

With a loping bassline and bouncing drums, we’re put right into synchronised step alongside Bnny as they take this jaunt through their feelings. Despite the weight of emotions being processed, “Time Walk” remains light and seductive, such is the freedom and comfort that comes with the clarity they’re describing. It may only last a minute and a half, but for those 93 seconds Bnny provide a soundtrack of certainty, and it’s intoxicating to feel entirely clear and cool for a moment or two.

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