Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 72: claire rousay – Heart In The Machine

In this chat, we get to meet claire rousay.

claire is best known as an ambient composer, crafting soundscapes with keys, found sounds, drone, and other experimental elements. But in this chat, she and I talk quite a bit about her brand new album sentiment, which is out now on Thrill Jockey, which includes much more singer-songwriter style material. Now, it’s still a claire rousay record, and we discuss how she tried to keep a hold on her experimental spirit despite having more lyric- and guitar-focused songs than ever before, including her choice to produce all the vocals on the album with a sort of robotic autotune effect.

We also talk about inspirations, how emo and folk music impacted her as a music listener and creator, live performance, and more. It’s a very candid, down to earth, and occasionally lovably self-deprecating chat with one of our most intriguing voices in current-day experiment pop music, and I think you’ll enjoy. Thanks for listening.

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