Photo: Luca Bailey

Hinako Omori’s searching “foundation” goes on an intergalactic journey in the claire rousay remix

London-based ambient/avant-pop artist Hinako Omori released her gorgeous second album stillness, softness last year and she’s now expanding the dream with remixes from noted figures in the electronic realm.

We heard Joe Goddard’s remix of “cyanotype memories” earlier in the year and we’re now blessed with a remix of album highlight “foundation” from rising producer (and BPM fave) claire rousay.

The remixer turns the song into a new experience while not losing Omori’s yearning, heartbreaking core. Amidst hissing, futuristic electronics she emboldens the track, stretching it out into a 10-minute journey from the lunar surface out into the cosmos.

Speaking on the foundation remix, here’s what the two artists had to say.

Hinako comments: “claire has turned “foundation” into a sonically galactic journey, seamlessly metamorphosing from mysterious granular experimental pop with a new verse into a beautiful evolving ambient cloud symphony – it also totally took me by surprise to hear my speaking voice at the end, which I later realised is from an interview from a couple of years ago. I love that claire has weaved this into the audio tapestry, and am so honoured to hear this song through her vision.”

claire adds: “When Hinako first asked me if I would be interested in remixing a track from stillness, softness… I was quick to agree. In my mind I would select one of the less beat-oriented tracks and deconstruct it then blow it back up into an ambient remix. As I mulled over this idea in my head I came to the conclusion that in doing this, no boundaries would really be pushed and ultimately nothing new, for either of us, would come of this collaboration. After this realization I decided on the track foundation. I had never done a more pop-leaning remix before and certainly not one where I would be working with so many low frequencies. Turns out, this was the right move. foundation in its original form is a pop-forward but meditative track. The remix is still heavily influenced by the lyrics and inspiration behind the original but also was influenced by sounds I was currently listening to on the recent 03 Greedo, Young Thug, underscores, umru, etc. releases. On paper, the remix may not make sense but in practice it is fluid, stable, and the true definition of collaborative.”

Listen to “foundation (claire rousay remix)” below or find it on streamers.

“foundation (claire rousay remix)” is out via Houndstooth.

You can find Hinako Omori on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.

You can find claire rousay on Instagram and Twitter.