Photo: Jamie Harding

SCALPING enlist Grove for the pulverising shape-shifter “Remain in Stasis”

Explosive band SCALPING are releasing their debut album Void at the end of next month, and, following on from “Flashforward”, today they’ve shared a new single from it called “Remain in Stasis”. It sees them team with fellow Bristol-based rising talent Grove, who says:

Me and SCALPING met at Mickey Zogg’s in Bristol since our Noods radio shows are one after the other. I’ve admired their artistry for time and was gassed to be asked to work on a tune together. After a few pints and good conversation on the concept of memory, we got to work warping and playing with their track demo. I landed on lyrically exploring the duality of memory. It has the power to be beautiful/terrifying, reminiscent/ traumatising and all the shades of mundane in between. This is a cathartic exercise of that.”

“Remain in Stasis” seems like an ironic title given just how propulsive SCALPING’s music is, and this one is among their most barrelling yet. The low-end rumbles through it like a tank moving at a hundred miles an hour while the band pile on enough atmospherics to make you feel like you’re in the belly of an arms factory. Grove’s words and voice put a focal point on SCALPING’s technical wizardy with a husky, domineering and unimpressed attitude that calls all your feelings of disaffection to the surface. It all adds up to make “Remain In Stasis” the ideal soundtrack for a rage dance – one of those where you just have to slam your body and pinwheel your limbs in abandon until you feel better.

Watch the video below or find “Remain in Stasis” on streaming platforms.

SCALPING’s debut album Void is out on April 29 through Houndstooth (pre-order/save).

They’ll be playing a headline show at fabric in London on May 5 with support from Mandy, Indiana + Nik Colk Void + Jay Duncan (DJ) (tickets).

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Grove is on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.