Lynks and Grove team up for the raucous confidence trip “BBB”

There are few more ecstatically outrageous producers and performers in the UK currently than London’s Lynks and Bristol’s Grove, so for them to team up would be an explosion of insanity. Well, now they have, and “BBB” does not disappoint. Of course, they’re both mutual fans, and each have some nice words to say on their collaboration.

Lynks says: “I love this song so much. In my mind it’s the soundtrack to the bit in the high school teen film when the mean girls walk down the hallway in slow motion. When I hear this song I feel like I’m that mean girl. It’s a great feeling. In fact this whole song was just so great to make. I’m such an embarrassing stan for Grove and so working with them so collaboratively on this song – the beat, the lyrics, the video – was all such a dream. Can’t wait for our BBB 2 B unleashed into the world!”

Grove says: “Ever since seeing Lynks perform in the sweatiest queer bar in Edinburgh back in 2019, I’ve been obsessed and knew that their songwriting, production and performance was seriously next level. So, to become friends in that time and birth a whole BBB, is a dream for me.”

Pressing play on “BBB” is to immediately step into the middle of a wild party deep into its swing, bodies writhing and moving all sorts of awkward ways to the unusual beat. Lynks is first on the mic, and quickly acknowledges the flammable nature of this collaboration, “I’m an IED / Quite likely to blow up if you come incorrectly,” then continues down their line of thought to some more idiosyncratic ideas like “eat this beat like chow / vegans be like ‘wow, please don’t eat the cow’.” Delivered with menacing confidence, undoubtedly, they are the “Big Bad Bitch”.

Grove takes a more effervescent approach to their head-spinning verse, just as overflowing with idiosyncratic confidence as they boast “take a mandy to feel mellow, no my jaw don’t even twitch / It’s a tragedy, Othello, that I’m such a savage.” Of course, they too are undeniably the “Big Bad Bitch”. Just to cap off “BBB”, the duo double down on the beat and the final 30 seconds of the song descend into acid house mania – perhaps a teaser of future collaborative ideas to come.

As insanely fun as the song is, the video for “BBB” takes it up many more notches. Watch it below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Lynks can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Grove is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.