Photo: Poppy Tingay @poppytingayphotos

Lynks commits to “Use It Or Lose It” in their pulsating and hedonistic new single

Indefinable pop purveyor Lynks has returned with a new single called “Use It Or Lose It”, a track that has already been setting crowds alight on their recent live dates. Of the new song, Lynks says:

“I turned 25 last year which is supposedly the “scientifically most attractive year of your life”. I found this out and was like, “Damn, this is as good as I’m gonna get?” I suddenly had this prang of, like, if I’m not fucking 24/7 I’m somehow wasting my youth. Letting it slip away. And then you end up making really bad choices.

“Plus being gay on top of that… The gay world is obsessed with youth. Which isn’t surprising – there just isn’t a blueprint of what growing old as a gay man looks like. Like, any film with a gay man over 40 seems to end with them either trapped in a sad, loveless marriage to a woman or dead.

“So yeah; dry patches, sex parties and twink death. Everything you could want from a big summer banger if you ask me!”

Packed full of Lynks’ usual sardonic humour, “Use It Or Lose It” will appeal to anyone who is starting to notice themselves slowing down into old age and pining for their younger selves. They start the song as a challenge: “this is my peak / I’m living in my prime / so best not waste any more of my time”. Lynks then sets off on a “12 month hot girl summer” where “no man is safe except my dad and my brother”. As the beats pop in, jolting your bones to action, Lynks lays down the bottom line: “I don’t wanna be on my death bed wishing I got more head.” This mix of horniness and self-deprecation powers through the song, charging it through its earworm hooks and stimulating beats. It culminates in a fearlessly hilarious final verse where Lynks admits “I still don’t know what it means to be a gay may over 40 / Unless I’m Ian McKellan or Graham Norton”. Well, Lynks has got 15 years before they hit that number, and by the sounds of “Use It Or Lose It” they plan to make the most of the time.

Watch the video for “Use It Or Lose It” below or find the song on streamers.

“Use It Or Lose It” is out on Heavenly Recordings. Lynks can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They’ve got these live dates ahead:

Sun 30 July – Spain, Benidorm – Low Festival
Sun 6 August – UK, Brighton – Brighton Pride
Sat 12 August – Italy, Castlebuono – Ypsigrock Festival
Sat 9 September – Netherland, Utrecht – De Helling
Sat 16 September – Switzerland, Zurich – Lilla Festival
Sat 14 October – UK, Leeds – Live At Leeds
Tue 17 October – France, Nancy – Nancy Jazz Pulsation
Fri 20 October – UK, Cardiff – Swn Festival
Sat 21 October – Netherlands, Amsterdam – Melkweg
Sat 4 November – UK, Glasgow – The Great Western Festival