Katy J Pearson captures the desire for joy in the affirming “Float”

British songwriting treasure Katy J Pearson is releasing her new album Sound Of The Morning in less than a month, and with three incredible singles having already been released, she doesn’t seem to be reaching the bottom of the barrel any time soon as she shares another stunner called “Float”. The new track is bolstered by black midi’s Morgan Simpson on drums and was co-written with Oliver Wilde of Pet Shimmers. Pearson says:

“For the new album, I wanted to collaborate with some of my peers that I admire, so I jammed with Oli for a few weeks – he’d come round with his laptop and interface and we’d write songs together. Float is one of the tracks that came out of those writing sessions and as soon as we wrote it I knew that it had to be on the record; it was one of my favourites to write and I love it. It has such an atmosphere and I think you can really feel the emotion and pain of the song; it’s about life experiences and all the things that lead up to certain moments. It’s quite nostalgic and given the past two years we have had, references wondering about when things will become more stable again.”

True to its title, “Float” just seems to be in continual ascendance as it goes about its merry, frolicsome and utterly winning way. It’s as if we’re hearing the moments leading up to a joyous moment in the excited, violin-imbued verses, which create a fluttering feeling in your belly. Then, as Pearson announces “I’m gonna hit the ceiling tonight”, on the way into the winsome chorus, we join her in the peak of realisation that the bad times are behind us and reunion with friends and happiness is truly here to stay. In short, it’s the anticipation of joy in sound form.

Listen below or find “Float” on your favoured streamer.

Katy J Pearson’s new album Sound Of The Morning is out on July 8 through Heavenly (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.