Photo: Seren Carys

Katy J Pearson comes into her own on “Sky”

Bristol-based songwriter Katy J Pearson has a new album called Someday Now coming out in September. We loved lead single “Those Goodbyes” and are pleased to report she’s now shared another taste of the new record in the form of “Sky”. Pearson says:

“It really feels like me saying to myself look how far I’ve come, I deserve to be here. I’ve always been shy of taking up space. Now I’m like hang on, this is my third record! I’m still doing this, I got to work with an incredible producer, and a hand-picked band of the most fantastic musicians, who all wanted to make this with me — and I’ve come out with something that I think is my best work so far.”

“Sky” starts as a jangly pop tune with Pearson “curled up in a ball”, but as it moves along the songwriter quickly comes out of her shell, her attitude and confidence coming to the fore; “Look how I go / I’m an eagle / I am the sky” she sings as a guitar twangs with attitude behind her. The song is a delicate chug alongside Pearson’s simple-but-effective observations about day-to-day living and the push to keep going through inevitable hardships. “Sky” will be the closing track on Someday Now and it sends off the songwriter in a perfect tone of self-satisfaction for everything she’s achieved.

Listen to “Sky” below or find it on streamers.

Katy J Pearson’s new album Someday, Now arrives on 20 September through Heavenly Recordings (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.