Gwenno searches for clarity amid chaos on the psych-pop pearl “Tresor”

Gwenno is building to the release of her new album Tresor this summer, and she has now followed up lead single “An Stevel Nowydh” unleashed the title track. On its themes, she reveals:

‘Tresor’ is a song questioning what makes us human, and the conscious choice that we have to either have a positive or negative impact on our environment and everything around us. We live in a chaotic world and what impacts on our ability to make positive decisions is largely circumstantial, the song is about trying to connect with our ability to do the right thing at a point where everything is in-flux, in crisis, and the foundation of our society is changing. How do we connect with our responsibilities and instinct to commit to the collective in a largely individualistic society? ‘Tresor’ is an homage to an older, analog world, the soundtracks to European cinema, and a final fair farewell to the 20th Century.”

“Tresor” is Welsh for “treasure”, and the treasure here for Gwenno is finding a sense of calm and a feeling of control; she’s wishing to live in a simpler world, and she conjures that whimsy through the sparkling track. The song has a serenely sashaying gait that is complemented by chiming tones that float like beautiful sonic globules. As descending piano tones thread another sliver of beauty into the track, she sings in Welsh about the trials of existence; “the scales of life, to live and to die / Are both equal and rough / It gets easier every time / Like rocks building a wall.” There’s plenty to unpack in this song, but it’ll be a pleasure to re-enter this welcoming little wonder many more times.

Watch the video for “Tresor” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Gwenno’s new album Tresor comes out on July 1 through Heavenly (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.