Live Video and Photos: Starfucker, May 28, 2012, Burnside Skate Park – Portland, OR

After playing at the Sasquatch! music festival, the electro-pop outfit, Starfucker, decided to celebrate Memorial Day in their hometown by performing a free show under the Portland Burnside bridge, with the skate park as their back drop. Dubbed the “generator” show, the band announced the show only the night before via Twitter and Facebook. Attracting more than just “hipsters,” their catchy dance numbers had the young and the older crowd in high spirits as the lukewarm sun slowly descended on a breezy evening. The smell of soft drug wafted and beer bottles were visible as the music blasted across the river, over the bridge, and soared into the sky. And no interruption from men in uniforms to ruin the perfect party. Wish there were more moments like this.