Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 74: Molly Drag – Opening The Windows

In this chat, we get to meet Molly Drag.

Molly Drag is the pseudonym of Montreal singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Michael Charles Hansford. In this talk, we dive deep into his brand new album, Mammoth, out now on I’m Into Life Records. But we also talk about…well, a lot of other things. Truthfully, this is quite a spontaneous and circuitous talk, because Michael and I have been following each other’s work for a couple years now, and have chatted here and there before, making this conversation much more of a catching up and hanging out kind of episode. Which is great!

We talk the new record of course, but also things like home recording, Kelly Reichardt films, the virtues of being a DIY artist, work-life balance, and more. It’s an amiable talk with a super talented guy. Thank you for listening.

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