Lynks leaves an unforgettable impression with his “Brand New Face”

British art-pop oddball Lynks has been building up hype for a little while, which mushroomed a bit recently with his excellent cover of Courtney Barnett’s “Pedestrian At Best”. He has a new EP called Smash Hits, Vol. 2 arriving in January, and today shares a new track from it called “Brand New Face”.

Unsurprisingly for someone who is constantly challenging societal norms, “Brand New Face” is a boisterous and bombastic attack on modern beauty conventions. Propelled by a simple beat, “Brand New Face” is bolstered by plenty of wonky synth melodies, but it is Lynks’ sing-spoken drawl that is the focal point. He moves through all the grotesque improvements he’d like to make to his body – adding juicy lips, ripping his face off, hacking off his fat with a machete – you get the idea. Yet, in this bonkers sound world that Lynks has created, it all makes perfect cartoony sense, and it’s undeniably infectious – especially as he reaches the ironically joyous chorus which has gang vocals backing up his assertions that he’s so beautiful now that he’s completely changed his appearance. A truly off the wall pop gem.

Listen to “Brand New Face” on streaming platforms or watch the home made video below.

Lynks Smash Hits, Vol. 2 EP arrives on January 27. Find Lynks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.