Photo: @lauraalicemarcus

Lynks bemoans his rejected approaches on the punchy “Everyone’s Hot (and I’m Not)” and its hyper-active dance video

With their new EP Smash Hits Vol. 2 out next week, Lynks has followed up the superb “Brand New Face” with another outspoken banger called “Everyone’s Hot (and I’m Not)”. Whereas the previous single had a fairly serious message beneath the satire, this time around it’s a more lighthearted and humorous affair (but not without bite), with Lynks saying:

I wrote it on the bus home after a night out where I got pretty violently rejected by a guy I wrongfully assumed was gay. That’s a very specific feeling that I think only queer people will fully understand. 
I looked around this room of young, hot, straight people and just felt so completely out of place. They were models, I was a librarian. They were classic Coke, I was diet Pepsi. They were hot, I was not. And bam – I sat on the top deck of the 185 bus and the song pretty much wrote itself.”

All of those unflattering comparisons from above crop up in the song itself, set to a manically propulsive beat that could easily find itself being blasted out in the very club that Lynks experienced this unfortunate night out. With their sing-speaking descriptions of theirselves and the fellow partygoers litter “Everyone’s Hot”, combining with the party synths to put us in place on a drunken night out, when your mood takes a turn and the combination of alcohol and all the cavorting bodies around just make you feel “like a leper”, as Lynks admits in the song. Nevertheless, the beat keeps going, and all you can do is just dance your pain away.

The video for “Everyone’s Hot (and I’m Not)” is equally amusing, with some incredible choreography of fast-paced dance moves, all shot (seemingly) in a single frantic take. Watch it below, or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Lynks’ Smash Hits, Vol. 2 EP arrives on January 27. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.