Photo: Annie Lai

London-based artist Hinako Omori shares flickering new single “A Journey”, announces debut album

London-based artist Hinako Omori has a vested interest in music as an act of healing. She purposefully digs into sound as a method for, if you will, therapy. As she herself puts it: “I’m very interested in sound therapy, brain entrainment and how certain frequencies can put our brain in certain states – alpha, beta, theta, delta. Delta (0.5-4Hz) waves for example are said to contribute to deep restorative sleep and healing, and theta (4-7Hz) to creativity, intuition and emotional processing.”

Her debut album, ‘a journey…’, drifts into worlds of grace and composure, somewhere between Julianna Barwick and Aphex Twin, an impactful mixture of sound, ethereal vocals, and muttered spoken pieces. To start the journey towards her debut, she’s shared the the title track, a perfect example of her sound and desire to connect with the listener on a deeper plain.

Check it out below, and look out for ‘a journey…’ come March 18th via Houndstooth.

Yiou can support Omori via Bandcamp, as well as find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.