Photo: Zoe Donahoe

claire rousay gets raw with the slow motion, wounded pop of “head”, announces new album

Ever since properly breaking through with the Ambient mixture of beauty and dread that is 2021’s a softer focus, claire rousay has been anything but predictable. Rejecting the notion of providing any obvious follow up to such a break through (though Everything Perfect Is Already Here is certainly a gorgeously sparse companion for it), rousay has instead opted for leftfield collaborations with more eaze and other ventures. Good luck trying to explain Everything Perfect Is Already Here, but that’s a big part of what makes the sound artist so great: her determination to explore.

She’s just announced her latest album, what seems to be shaping up as her most fully formed and decisive statement yet: sentiment, arriving on April 19 through Thrill Jockey, her debut for the label.

Having lived, and recorded, in homes across the country, rousay found herself yearning for the pop of her youth. Explaining her current perspective, she reflects, “I have been on a quest to communicate my feelings and ideas as clearly as possible lately. Pop seemed like the way to do that this time.”

So, then, her latest single, the wounded, even quietly searing, “head”, trudges through the glacial twang of guitar, with her processed vocals and confessional lyrics front and center. It’s, yet again, new ground for the defiant artist.

Check “head” out below.

sentiment arrives on April 19 via Thrill Jockey (pre-order). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.