Photo: Jessica Hallock

Liturgy unveil the radiant children’s choir piece “Angel of Sovereignty”

Boundary-pushing band Liturgy have given us another dose of their forthcoming album 93696 in the form of “Angel of Sovereignty”, a complete U-turn from the previously aired title track.

Whereas “93696” was a 15-minute post-metal behemoth, “Angel of Sovereignty” is two minutes of an unadorned children’s choir singing with pristine beauty. The youthfulness of their voices makes the song sound more pure and radiant, and as they become subtly but carefully layered into a bolder sound, there is a feeling of some higher power at play. As ever with Liturgy, we know that 93696 is going to be a dense philosophical text as well as a sonic thrill ride, and “Angel of Sovereignty” feels like a small but critical piece in the overall puzzle. We can’t wait to hear how it all fits together, come March.

Listen to “Angel of Sovereignty” below or find it on your preferred streamer.

Liturgy’s new album 93696 comes out on March 24 through Thrill Jockey (pre-order). Follow Liturgy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.