Wild Pink hovers between realities on the beautiful “Air Drumming Fix You”

Wild Pink – the project of John Ross – has released a new single called “Air Drumming Fix You”, his first for New York label Fire Talk.

Over his discography, Ross has become ever more potent a songwriter, able to conjure images that breathe and have fragrance. This continues on “Air Drumming Fix You”, which leaps around in time from periods of confusion to mundanity to satisfaction, all captured in small moments. He moves from questioning “is it real right here?” to looking up at a sliver of moon to recalling “baby breath that smelled like creme fresh” and someone pirouetting on sand. Weaving it all together is a delicate array of synths and sax, which gently bind these images into some kind of jumbled timeline that make up a reel of memory. “I guess the good life / didn’t look like you thought it might”, Ross concludes – ambiguous, but with an air of levity and happiness in his smiling voice that suggests a life well lived.

Listen to “Air Drumming Fix You” below or find it on streamers.

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