Podcast: The Lyric Boys Episode 30 – St. Vincent

Daddy’s home, and he wants to listen to The Lyric Boys podcast.

In this episode, The Lyric Boys discuss 10 lyrics by St. Vincent, the idiosyncratic guitar god of indie rock known for singing about anxiety, America, and people named Johnny. The Lyric Boys discuss snorting the Berlin Wall, loving someone more than Jesus, spontaneously combusting at The Rainbow Room, doing what married people do, and more. Stick around until the end when Lucien and Andrew do their best Annie Clark impression and craft their own St. Vincent lyrics.

Songs discussed: “Smoking Section”, “Prince Johnny”, “I Prefer Your Love”, “Strange Mercy”, “Los Ageless”, “Digital Witness”, “Birth In Reverse”, “Pay Your Way In Pain”, “Regret”, and “Marry Me”.

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