Emily Henry
Photo: Emily Henry

Joey Joesph’s self-titled album is a retro-fueled delight (BPM Premiere)

Joey Cook – alias: Joey Joesph – knows how to mine the past while still sounding fresh. The Cincinnati artist makes fuzzed-out and trippy numbers that could seem unearthed from the best 60s compilation at the back of your record shop. But he also knows that the intentions are as important as the vibes.

On his fifth album, the self-titled Joey Joesph, he’s delivering songs that are rich with longing, sometimes in a wistful sense (“Summer Feeling”) while other times, with a feeling of true disturbance (“I Don’t Know If We’re In a Garden”). The latter track is the opener, and while the rest of the album doesn’t have its jackhammer garage band energy, his songwriting chops keep things flowing.

Influenced by the likes of R. Stevie Moore and having shared bills with the likes of Chastity Belt, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Islands, Cook has done his homework and seen his exposure grow. Stream Joey Joesph below to see who is Joey Joseph (and why is everybody talkin’ about him)?

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