Photo: Devyn Glista

Q&A: Cincinnati’s Moonbeau give over-the-air broadcasts their due on “Radio”

Cincinnati husband/wife electropop duo Moonbeau‘s new single sounds great in any context. However, it might sound best if caught whilst turning the dial at a red light. “Radio” is an exciting ode to one of the most important mass communication channels ever known, with the perfect video to match.

Filmed at Columbus, Ohio alternative station CD102.5, “Radio” portrays a break-in, not to take, but to give. The band storms in with their new single, taking advantage of a janitor preoccupied with headphones and perhaps the song’s own potent energy, full of blasting drum machines, retro-futuristic synths, and soaring vocals. “Fall in love with the radio” is both a catchy refrain and a reminder of how essential radio is for musical discovery.

Watch the video for “Radio” below, and then scroll down where the band members, Christian and Claire Gough, also answered some questions for us.

Terrestrial radio is still a big part of many peoples’ lives, I believe it’s where 40% of music listeners still find new music, and not just massive pop radio stations, but from indies like Columbus’s CD102.5 who are prominently featured in the video. What is your relationship with them like? 

We’re big supporters of community radio stations and are lucky to have a number of them based in Ohio. One unique thing about CD102.5 is they are connected to a live music venue called Big Room Bar. Many notable acts have played that stage and it was an honor for us to play there as well. CD102.5 and other community stations are tastemakers who build loyal fan bases because they are so good at discovering new talent. I’m honestly shocked we were given access to the building but it’s evident that they genuinely care about local artists and wanted to help make our vision happen.

Obviously a song called “Radio” lends to a more nostalgic tone, is that the intent behind the song?

Yes, on this album and our previous album we leaned into 80s synth-pop nostalgia because we love retro synth sounds and drum machines. The story-line is about sharing musical interests with someone and how it deepens your understanding of the other person. 

This video is light and fun! Who shot it and what was shooting like? Also, which track is the little teaser at the end when the janitor discovers you in the control room?

Thank you! We happened to have an idea for a video about us breaking into a radio station when Jack Campise reached out wanting to work together. He directed and arranged everything from location to lights to editing. He brought in a small crew including Sam Smith who shot it. Due to COVID, it was a different experience because with the exception of Christian and I (who live together) we all needed to be a safe social distance from each other. We also were secretly imagining what people looked like behind their masks because we hadn’t met before. The song teased at the end was “I Wanna Dance With You” the song that plays after “Radio” on the tracklist. 

You’ve got a new album set to drop next Friday, what can you tell your fans to get them excited about it, and what can they expect? Thank you for your time here today!

Up All Night represents the version of ourselves that would rather be playing shows, working on music, and thinking about our next moves instead of sleeping. It’s also the burning questions in our minds that keep us up like, “What did I do wrong?” or “How can I accomplish my goal?” or “Did I do enough?” and trying to find that missing piece of the puzzle you may not have thought of before. It’s very easy to get stuck thinking about the obstacles that stand in your way of love, happiness, and success today but Up All Night is our journey to discovering we still believe there’s hope for tomorrow. Like a well-loved pair of high-waisted acid wash jeans, our sound is a little rougher around the edges compared to the synthwave vibe of our debut album. We dipped our toes into heartland rock, a particular brand of 1980’s nostalgia made popular in the midwest, and plan to deep dive in that direction for our next project. It’s out everywhere 11.20.20 via Old Flame Records. Other things to look forward to are remixes and acoustic releases. We’re in the midst of planning a high production live stream concert and will have more information on that soon. Follow us on social media for announcements including where to buy vinyl and other merch! 

Up All Night is available on November 20, 2020 through Old Flame. Follow Moonbeau on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Bandcamp.