Dima Midborn’s unmistakable bass is back on “Futur”

It would not be inaccurate to call Dima Midborn a singer-songwriter, yet the term is brimming with connotations that just don’t fit. The bassist is unashamedly esoteric, more easily pictured in a smoky jazz basement than busking on a street corner. He is the ideal soundtrack to moments of calm confusion and gentle existential terror.

His latest effort, “Futur” (spelt incorrectly as “mistake is a basic property of today’s life”), features a bassline that worms its way outwards, urged on by a pulsating bass drum.

Midborn’s first release in over two years is accompanied by a music video peculiar in its stillness. Debonair as ever, the artist sits resplendent in a white shirt and red neckerchief ensemble, impassively monitoring his paranormal on-screen self. Director Artem Ganzha says the video “is dedicated to a cold observation of the fading future, which is always trying to slip away from a keen gaze.”

Watch below or find the song on streamers.

You can find Dima Midborn on Instagram, Facebook and Bandcamp.