Photo: Milan Dileo

Charly Bliss deliver a ‘tsunami of heartbreak’ in “Nineteen”, announce new album

Charly Bliss have announced their first new album in five years: FOREVER will be out on 16 August through Lucky Number. They’ve shared the project’s lead single “Nineteen”, with singer Eva Hendricks revealing:

“I’ll always be fascinated by love and relationships that don’t quite work and bring tsunamis of heartbreak. The further away I am from it, the kind of love that bashes you against the rocks just as often as it carries you over waves of manic joy, the easier it is to see the full scope of it. First love is crazy.”

The NY pop-rock band have always been able to pinpoint peaks of emotion and on “Nineteen” they take us into a vivid memory of a most tender and histrionic period. Over stately piano chord march, Hendricks recalls the moments that built up to a passionate first love which quickly turned “awful” and “hurt me so bad”. Regardless, she recalls the deep burning desire for this person as synths sparkle and drums mimic heavy heartbeats. The memories continue to flood back against her better judgement, the music gradually stirring to a crescendo of beautiful pain, written large with a sax solo and a booming finale.

Watch the brilliant teen movie aping video for “Nineteen” below or find the song on streamers.

Charly Bliss’ new album FOREVER arrives on 16 August through Lucky Number (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.