Rebecka Reinhard is a songwriter hailing from Stockholm who has been steadily releasing songs over the last few years, growing into her sound. She recently shared “Whale”, the title track from her forthcoming new EP, and the clearest glimpse of her artistry and sardonic humour so far.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for “Whale”, about which she says:

“The music video for Whale is filmed in Bredäng where I live and am currently spending almost all my time. It was very much a “go with all your instincts” kind of process. We strung up some gold sheets by a little bit of forest just outside my flat and the bedroom scene is from this collective I used to live in where all the walls are covered in posters, plastic flowers and pink dresses. The song has a pretty lonely feel to it, a melancholic sense of isolation with a growing restlessness. It’s like I’m trying to shake off the feeling of impending doom that’s following me around. That’s where the ghost comes in. I’ve got my birthday cake, balloons, sparklers and candles but the ghost is still hanging around.”

Both the song “Whale” and its video pull an almost-magical trick of seeming upbeat while actually being a silent cry for help. It’s a beautiful encapsulation of the human condition, rendered in rose-tinted indie-pop that immediately makes you want to get to know Rebecka Reinhard. The video for “Whale” makes her natural humour even more evident, as we watch her try to be cool and effortless through a number of activities – celebrating her birthday, smoking a cigar, playing with fireworks – but the whole time she is alone, while her ghost lurks comedically-but-ominously over her shoulder.

Rebecka Reinhard’s new EP Whale is expected later this summer on Crowds and Power. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.