Twenty Committee, Chloe Rodgers

“In A Rush” sees Twenty Committee slow it down to contemplate dysfunction (BPM Premiere)

Twenty Committee are a Scandinavian collective led by producer Anders Källmark. With only a few tracks to this project’s name, Twenty Committee has established the graceful vocal presence of Chloe Rodgers as its backbone, early on. With their new single “In A Rush”, which BPM is excited to premiere today, Källmark allows Rodgers’ talents to soar higher than ever.

Prior tracks released in collaboration with Rodgers, like “Sick Of It All”, “Bones”, and “This Town”, brandished heavier dance elements, which leaned into the strengths of its figurehead, Källmark. With “In A Rush”, Twenty Committee slows its usual dark pop sensibilities to a broodingly steady pulse.  

On the track, ominously looped cello, a cryptic piano lead, and crashing snares form a chaotic storm, setting up Rodgers’ beautifully salient vocals to cut through as the calm amidst it all. Though smooth and tranquil, Rodgers’ voice sings words that weigh heavier than the production itself. On its meaning, Rodgers says:

“‘In A Rush’ is about a one-sided relationship I was in where I gave so much and got nothing but cruelty in return, and eventually had to end it when I realized it would never get better.”

Given its haunting and deepening nature, it is no surprise that “In A Rush” is Twenty Committee’s favorite cut from “hundreds” of released and unreleased pieces.

Listen to “In A Rush” above, out via Crowds and Power. While you’re at it, follow Twenty Committee on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.