Photo: Silvija Gec (@tiposilvijah)

Chloe Rodgers drifts away from a former love on the expansive beauty “Coins for Charon”

Nottingham singer and songwriter Chloe Rodgers was one of the most exciting emerging artists of 2020, and she’s ready to continue that momentum this year. That starts with today’s new single “Coins for Charon”, which was developed with her regular collaborators. She explains:

“Coins for Charon was written by Anders Källmark and Nick van Hofwegan, AKA Young & Sick.. It’s about losing someone you love. I do like the track. The dynamic change and percussion in the chorus was a good call, and the drummer (Giovanni Velez), is a genius.”

“Coins for Charon” begins in placid fashion, icy piano chords echoing off into the void, Chloe’s voice coiling gracefully into the scene as she laments the lost love: “might have been five months since we looked at the moon / now there’s oceans between.” Things shift gear suddenly yet smoothly with an unexpected injection of percussion that takes the song to something like an intimate drum’n’bass track, where pulses are quicker but the tenderness is still on the surface. The minimal elements seem to wreathe themselves around the singer as she faces up to the truth that there’s nothing left of the relationship, a confession that’s made more heartbreaking by the subtle strings that are woven in. A song that shifts powerfully through its movements, “Coins for Charon” allows Chloe to show off her multiple dimensions – it seems there’s nothing she can’t do.

Listen to “Coins for Charon” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

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