Mathias Milling

Cross-pop duo miaw share wistful and euphoric debut track “ATT”

miaw is a new “cross-pop” project founded by producers Frederick Fog and Liza Dries. “ATT” is quite frankly a mind-blowing track that answers the hypothesis: what if someone like Jessy Lanza was fed a healthy dose of shoegaze? The jittery beats and pitched vocals are a strangely sublime companion to the woozy synth tapestries: it perfectly captures a vacuum of affection amidst the inner city buzz.

Fog and Dries wanted to create “an intersection between a remix and a pop song”, and suffice it to say, this worked out pretty well. Initially, the duo was inspired by seeing a happy dog running around in a park. There’s a melancholic twist to the song, however: according to the press statement,” ATT” is about recollecting a past romance, the memory of sneaking into a cinema, the urge to cry and the alien feeling that comes when trying to convince yourself you are better than the other.”

“ATT” (which is an abbreviation of “At The Time”), blends these happy and sad feelings into an intoxicating whole. The song is released by Lyra Valenza‘s label Petrol80.

Watch the video, shot in downtown Los Angeles, below, and find “ATT” on streaming sites as well.

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