Photo: Molly Daniel

Nilüfer Yanya picks her moment perfectly on “Like I Say (I runaway)”, her first for Ninja Tune

British sensation Nilüfer Yanya has returned with a new single and video called “Like I Say (I runaway)”. It follows up her exceptional 2022 album Painless and marks her first release for storied London label Ninja Tune. Of the new song, she reveals:

“It’s about how you choose to sp end your time. Time is like a currency, every moment. You’re never going to get it back. It’s quite an overwhelming thing to realise.” 

Yanya cruises into “Like I Say (I runaway)” on the back of a fluttering and melodic guitar line, oozing confidence that underlines the song’s message of only spending time where it’s worthwhile. The song jumps into a higher gear as the guitars hit overdrive and the playful percussion punches it out into widescreen. Her message becomes emboldened, a light glinting in her eyes to let you know she’s serious: you better make this worth her time or she’s out of here.

Watch the video for “Like I Say (I runaway)”, directed by Yanya’s sister Molly Daniel, below. Otherwise, you can find the track on streamers.

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