Photo: Silvija Gec

Chloe Rodgers laments her teenage naïvety on the sparkling “The Algea”

Chloe Rodgers is rounding up 2020 with another absolutely smashing single to follow the excellent “A Delphian Lullaby” and “Faces”. The new track is called “The Algea”, and Rodgers had this to say about it:

“The Algea is named after a group of Greek goddesses that are basically just mega depressed. I was definitely being over dramatic giving it that name. It was just about being a naive teenager looking for love but getting used by older dudes that knew exactly what they were doing.”

On her previous singles, Rodgers has already proven herself exceedingly mature, both musically and emotionally, but “The Algea” is the boldest yet. Singing over a bed of dramatically cutting violins, she bravely details her youthful vulnerability at the hands of men: being willing to take her clothes off for them, get on her knees for them, basically do anything to make herself feel like she’s worthwhile for them. Her words are breathtaking in their honesty and vulnerability, especially as her breathy singing matches perfectly with the elegiac instrumental. What’s even more impressive is how she sees “The Algea” through into a grandiose coda where we can hear her processing, growing and moving forward into adulthood with poise and pride. “I’m not here for you to hurt,” she repeats as a drumbeat enters the fray to help hammer home her independence and strength – and by the end, there’s no mistaking her power.

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