Photo: Lucia Garcia

Chloe Rodgers delves into political abstractions on the shaded electronics of “Bones”

Chloe Rodgers is fast becoming a favourite at BPM, as evidenced by our coverage of her recent singles. She’s a got a new EP on the horizon (Back to the Quay, out 26th November) and has already shared two of it’s track, the light and jazzy “Better View” and the quietly heartbreaking “Back to the Quay.” The Nottingham songwriter now has a new offering to share in the form of “Bones.” Speaking of the song she says:

I love this song, I can’t wait to perform it. The lyrics are quite political in a sort of abstract way. The darkness of it makes it so fun. It was a great day when we finished it. Adding the harmonies was my favourite part of the production.

Marking another shift in sound from Rodgers, “Bones” catches your attention firstly with it’s nimble drum track, gently hurrying along the piano chords and brushes of strings behind it. Once the bass appears the momentum is set in motion, and atop it Rodgers glides with ease, her airy and subtly percolating voice the last lure to catch you. When the bridge and chorus hit though, the song delves into a electronic groove that feels like new and exciting territory for Rodgers to be occupying. The ease at which she steps into other styles and genres is clear once again, and with “Bones” she might be at her most seductive – a manner all the more layered considering she’s tip-toeing around political commentary about lockdown and the way world leaders have dealt with it. “Stop that man from talking,” she summons, with a wash of menace in her tone.

Watch the video for “Bones” below (which was directed by longtime visual collaborator Kate Lomas) or check out the track on your favourite streaming site.

Chloe Rodgers’ Back to the Quay EP is out November 26th. Follow Chloe Rodgers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.