Photo: Eric Daniels

Devan ricochets through a “Headrush”

Devan is the eponymous solo project of Devan Glover, one-third of the indie band Wild Rivers (who were nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year at Canada’s 2023 JUNO awards). Devan was born in Toronto, raised in London and now spends most of her time in North America. The single “Headrush” is the latest gem from her EP Blue Light, a song that is musically intoxicating from the first note.

“‘Headrush’ is about a stop-and-start relationship, caused by being a long distance apart,” says Devan. “The same love that fills you up drains you when it’s gone, and then comes back all at once and makes you dizzy, like blood rushing to your head too quickly.”

Blue Light also features the haunting “Still Think You Do”, which has one of the most majestic melodies I’ve heard in ages. Devan’s music has just enough grit and crunchy guitar work to be totally compelling and believable.

Wild Rivers has four million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, so the band’s success will likely be the trampoline that launches Devan’s solo career to new heights.

Listen to “Headrush” below, or find the full Blue Light EP on the streaming platforms.

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