Photo: Dom Garnham

Chloe Rodgers explores the expanse of her emotions in the verdant video for “A Delphian Lullaby” (BPM Premiere)

We recently heard from emerging British singer-songwriter Chloe Rodgers as part of Twenty Committee’s latest single “In A Rush”, but the Nottingham-based artist has also been launching her own very auspicious solo career. She recently shared her stunning debut single, “A Delphian Lullaby”, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you its video, which was directed by Tom Clover. Rodgers says:

“The music video for A Delphian Lullaby was lovely to film, I was really nervous but everyone was so kind but pro at the same time that it put me at ease. Was really weird and surreal having that many people there just to work on a video for my song though, I couldn’t believe it.”

For starters, Rodgers is going to have to get used to having many people working on her videos, because the strength of “A Delphian Lullaby” suggests she’s a star in the making. The video makes clear that she isn’t just a magnetic vocal presence either, as she captivates just as much on screen.

Set amidst a rolling field that seems like the vast and verdant expanse of her mind, the video for “A Delphian Lullaby” focuses on Rodgers as she sings through her complex and convoluted emotions. There is a love interest in the video, but we never see their face, as Rodgers seems to be trying to put them out of her mind and come back to feeling comfortable in herself. As “A Delphian Lullaby” moves into its elegiac and gorgeous second half, we feel as if we’re drifting deeper into her psyche. As the instrumentation regally rises with piano, strings and sax, the video centres on Rodgers alone, as she powerfully drifts away from anyone who might cause her stress or strain.

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