Cameron Leahy brings acoustic wonder to “From The Infinite”

LA artist Cameron Leahy’s new single “From The Infinite” proves that you don’t need three Swedish producers for every track. Just like the best acoustic work of Neil Young, Jackson Browne and The Kinks’ Ray Davies, “From The Infinite” holds our attention just with its songcraft and dulcet harmonies that make me miss The Eagles’ Glenn Frey immensely.

The song is about the cosmic hotspots in the American West (of which Sedona, Arizona is perhaps the most famous). “I like the idea that certain locations on earth get better reception on our inner clarity antenna,” says Leahy. “Portals to the past. Ancient places. There’s a certain vibration in the landscape.”

The new track is a teaser for Leahy’s upcoming debut album entitled Dizzy Freedom, which will greet the world on June 7 via Owl Campfire.

“From The Infinite” is the perfect song for communing with shamans while the mushrooms kick in. And it demonstrates that SoCal country-rock still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

Watch the video for “From The Infinite” below, or find it on the streaming platforms.

Cameron Leahy’s debut album Dizzy Freedom arrives on June 7.

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