We recently had the pleasure of premiering the video for Swedish dreampop songwriter Rebecka Reinhard‘s single “Whale”, and today she has announced that she will be releasing an EP of the same name on August 21. Along with that news she’s shared another great track from the Whale EP called “No Release”. She says:

“This song is where all the parts of me that are ever tired, hurt, worn out and fed up get to have their say. Tell their ugly version of the story. But it’s not a wallowing in self-pity. It’s a slow, rumbling war cry. An anthem being pushed relentlessly towards the edge of the cliff and finally hurled into the void.”

Reinhard begins “No Release” in quiet and contemplative mood, as if she’s letting all that stress and fatigue of daily life overtake her: “whatever they tell you, you’ll end up on your knees / whatever you give them, there’s no release.” The singer’s emphatic personality starts to shine through the cracks as “No Release” builds up more arrangements around her demanding: “Just give me more.” Finally, after a couple of minutes of simmering slow build, Reinhard lets loose with a thunderous climax, cutting through all negative people and feelings – getting that release she so desperately needs.

Rebecka Reinhard’s new EP Whale is due out on August 21 on Crowds and Power. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.