The ever-productive Ólafur Arnalds has returned with his second new song of the year, and this time he’s tagged in his Icelandic compatriot JFDR to add vocals. Speaking about the new song, “Back To The Sky”, Arnalds says:

“It’s time to start sharing with you what I’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s been a tumultuous but gratifying journey that resulted in some of my most personal music to date. This is only the beginning, there’s a lot more to come.”

JFDR adds:

“When Ólafur sent over the demo, I could instantly hear and feel and the melody. I was back in Reykjavík for a little while this winter and somehow ended up living on my own: the sky was dark and all-encompassing, I was quite lonely, and staring into the sky was like I could speak to someone through the cosmos.” 

Much of Arnalds’ work has that searching, atmospheric pull, but JFDR has tapped into this feeling and brought it into the light with her beautifully billowing voice. Puffs of drum and synth push the song upwards – “Back To The Sky” – as violins and JFDR’s voice ride the cresting waves of symphonic air as they go. A song that seems to be continually floating gracefully heavenwards, “Back To The Sky” is simply gorgeous, and it will carry you there with it.

“Back To The Sky” comes accompanied by a lovely video by Arni & Kinski, which you can watch below – or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

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