Arabella Rauch aka Josin has shared her first new music since her pulsating 2019 debut album In The Blank Space. The new song is called “The Darkness”, and as you can guess from the title, it is a stately and stirring song that toils in weighty emotions.

Josin says: “I’m a really happy and funny person, but not in music. I don’t feel inspired when things are too good.

Well, whatever it takes for Josin to produce her gorgeously ethereal and emotionally open music, we’re glad she does it.

“The Darkness” could be seen as a reflection on the interiority we’ve all had to experience over the last year of isolation; forced to turn inwards and face up to the things we don’t like about ourselves. Josin fearlessly does that on “The Darkness”, but, over soothing washes of synths and strings, she does it with self-compassion and patience. Her voice is delicate, but is surprisingly powerful as she sweeps into a falsetto while admitting “Yes I’ve been drowned in darkness too, but here’s my inside,” before she comes to the realisation “it’s just your flesh that’s aching.” “The Darkness” might work as a reflection of isolation, but it comes as a perfect time, when the world seems to be on the cusp of opening up again, and with this song Josin is gently and beautifully encouraging us to get out and engage with life again.

“The Darkness” is out on Mercury KX and is the first taste of a new EP from Josin, which should hopefully be arriving later this year. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.