Expressive composer Luke Howard paints a compelling piano lament in “A Faint Qualm For The Future”

Austrlian composer Luke Howard is releasing a new album called All Of Us in March, and has today revealed a new single and video from it, “A Faint Qualm For The Future”.

Where other tracks on All Of Us will feature other instrumentation including synths, horns and strings (see the Budapest Art Orchestra’s work on previous single “The Closing of the Gates”), “A Faint Qualm For The Future” finds Howard on his own behind the piano. It’s all he needs to sketch and shade an affecting portrait, into which you can pour your own emotions. There is a feeling of isolation, but also a yearning to connect, a desire for hope to spring out of untouched territories. At under three minutes, it’s possible to keep replaying “A Faint Qualm For The Future” and discover a new aspect or emotion within it on each repeat.

The beautiful computer generated video for “A Faint Qualm For The Future” was created by Simon Burgin, who says:

“The music video was made in a fairly experimental way, predominantly through creative coding to create video scenes in TouchDesigner. Luke’s performance was shot using a new Lidar camera in his studio and then live rendered into 3D geometry. The meditative abstract scenes were 3D scanned using a phone’s Lidar scanner in local spaces of my own interest all around Melbourne.”

Watch the clip below or find “A Faint Qualm For The Future” on your preferred streamer.

Luke Howard’s new album All Of Us is out on March 11 through Mercury KX. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.