WARGASM is a project that combines model Milkie Way and DIY stalwart Sam Matlock, and together they create provocative and in-your-face art punk. Their latest release, “Spit.”, is released today with perfect timing, coming on the back of a week of worldwide turmoil. The duo say:

When we wrote ‘Spit.’ it was about the disgust we felt with how people treat each other and the disgusting state of the world. sadly it’s ringing truer day by day. in times like this art is vital. silence is not the way we support the causes that we stand for. this is the time for change. make a positive impact.”

“Spit.” is an uncompromising battle cry that sees WARGASM romp through a variety of emphatic and disparate styles in the space of four minutes. From grotty punk, to skittering pop, to emo singalong and back again, “Spit.” runs listeners through the wringer in all the right ways. They might not want to stick to one particular style, but they’re unwavering in their determination to fight all proponents of inequality and injustice in the world. WARGASM may have created the most unlikely anthem for our times, as “Spit.” is just the kind of furious injection of energy we need to keep the current momentum going in this long battle against oppression.

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