Photo: H. Hawkline

Nuha Ruby Ra prowls into an abyss on cave rave “My Voice”

London avant-pop maverick Nuha Ruby Ra turned plenty of heads with her thrilling debut EP How To Move, introducing a primordial sonic vernacular that blurs the lines between noise rock, synth pop, electronic music and jazz. Her music seems to exist within that familiar field of tension right before a big jump scare.

The Dionysian atmospherics of new single “My Voice” – built around a slinky beat and taut bass line – seems to peer inside the abyss of endless possibility. It’s a song that starts off very sensual and prowling; as it progresses, layered screams gradually escape the void, creating a fright-inducing, pulse-stopping sequence.

On the single, Nuha Ruby Ra says,“My Voice is post-How To Move, Pre-everything else I’ll do, I’m in the waiting room. I’m exploring what I can do. I play all the instruments and build surreal sonic architecture that’ll make you move differently. There’s a rave in the bat cave. Don’t be fooled by the beginning, the middle or the end.”

Watch the video for “My Voice” below, or find it in on other streaming platforms.

Nuha Ruby Ra will hit SXSW this month, as well as play support shows with Yard Act, Bambara and Warmduscher. She also announced an appearance at showcase festival Left Of The Dial yesterday. You can find her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.