Photo: YIS KID

Media Giant hit out at ignorance with the punchy “Guilt/Shame”

Elton John-approved London trio Media Giant are back with a second single called “Guilt/Shame”. Typically sardonic, they introduce it by saying:

“At Media Giant, we know what you want. Since the successful launch of our debut product, we have been working tirelessly to bring you our second offering, which is titled “Guilt/Shame” – You may notice feelings of hostility or anger when listening to it, but do not be alarmed, this is entirely intentional.”

A massive art-pop jam with a new wave twist, you might be reminded of Tears For Fears or Duran Duran while listening to “Guilt/Shame”, but Media Giant’s finger is on the pulse of now. Observing the modern landscape full of harmful humans who think they know better than anyone else, the trio launch this full-throated and party-ready riposte. While they may have a downer view of themselves and their fellow humans, Media Giant turn that frustration into a massive anthem full of fist-pumping hooks and punchy melodies – perhaps “Guilt/Shame” is the unlikely call to action that we as society need. From here on out, we all get our shit together.

Listen to “Guilt/Shame” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Guilt/Shame” is out on streaming platforms. You can find Media Giant on Twitter and Instagram.