Photo: Kevin Condon

Flossing wields her wounds with pride on the commanding debut single “Switch”

Flossing is the new project of Heather Elle, perhaps best known for her work in New York bands The Wants and Bodega –but that seems soon to change with this new project. Today she reveals that she’ll release the debut Flossing EP, Queen of the Mall, on September 10, and shares lead single “Switch”. On the song, she says:

In its dual moods, the song represents the complexities of coinciding grieving processes — my mother passing suddenly before tour, ending a five-year relationship, leaving a band, and learning that my city and industry would be on an indefinite hold.

“Switch” is immediately compelling, Flossing’s sharp voice completely in control over an oozing and thick bassline that seems to have slithered out of a shoegaze song. In fact, “Switch” is sort of like a shoegaze song that has been deconstructed and re-shaped into a piece of avant-pop, atmospheric and immersive, with equal hints of Massive Attack and Laurie Anderson. Lyrically, Flossing takes a fearless approach to discussing her psyche, beginning with the line “I am both scared of and intrigued by the deviant nature of man,” which baits us into her musical lair. From there she continues to reel off short but cutting reflections of her personality, each giving us a new aperture to her brain, culminating in the beguiling confrontation: “I wonder if you would like to see your hands around my neck.” An impressive introduction.

Watch the video for “Switch” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Flossing’s Queen of the Mall EP is out on September 10 through Brace Yourself Records (pre-order/save). You can find Flossing on Instagram.