Photo: Jake Ollett

Italia 90 share the sneering “Leisure Activities”, announce debut album

London quartet Italia 90 will release their debut album Living Human Treasure on January 20 2023 via Brace Yourself Records. They say: “We consciously drew on elements from other genres, like new wave, goth rock, post-hardcore, jazz, jungle and ranchera that have inspired us but which we hadn’t incorporated into our music previously”. 

The first taste of this fusion is “Leisure Activities”, which they introduce by saying: “Leisure Activities is a response to the tendency of countless modern bands who identify as, or are described as political, when their commentary amounts to little more than mundane descriptions of British life or sneering caricatures of an idle working class entirely of their invention. The fact that these groups seem to have far more hostility towards the apparently ordinary people they describe than the state or economic conditions that created them speaks volumes.”

That’s certainly quite a fiery and provocative statement, and “Leisure Activities” turns it into frantic and invigorating sound. Italia 90 take their time in building tension through the opening moments, reeling us into their agitated mindset, before igniting a bomb of haywire guitars. “Leisure Activities” then continues with dextrous drumming and dynamic interplay between the guitars and vocalist Les Miserable’s urgent voice. It’s scabrous, snarling and superb.

Watch the video for “Leisure Activities” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Italia 90’s debut album Living Human Treasure comes out on January 20 through Brace Yourself (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Twitter and Instagram.