Photo: Jojo Danielle

Peeping Drexels build and release frustration on the unpredictable “Miami Lounge”

London quintet Peeping Drexels took us into a sweaty nightclub with their last single, “High Heels”, and ahead of the release of their new EP in a few weeks, they’re whisking us away again with another immersive art-rocker called “Miami Lounge”, which they say is about “failed romances and simplistic pleasures, such as sunny days and video games.” 

We’re immediately placed in the titular “Miami Lounge” where gin and tonics are being ordered (with slimline tonic, mind), but Peeping Drexels aren’t describing a particularly relaxed atmosphere. The nervously twitching guitar and popping rhythm set the tone of dissatisfaction, which is seized upon in the increasingly frustrated vocals; “you took her to the park, she didn’t like it / you took her to your house, she didn’t like it / you took her to the pub, she didn’t like it / go back to the lounge, where you know she likes it.” At this capitulation, Peeping Drexels launch into a beastly blast of fuzz guitars, pulverising percussion and wailing instrumental mania – a swarming cloud of frustration. Just when you’re engulfed in noise, Peeping Drexels show their tightness by then pulling a surprise 180, guiding “Miami Lounge” into a chilled, almost house segment, and all of a sudden we’re floating, having given up on life, seemingly: “In Vice city, surrounded by angels / sun’s blazing and it’s only April / I played the game I died in company / my disc broken, it feels heavenly.” While they could equally be talking about the video game, or a genuine dream where they died and ended up in Miami, both are equally viable in the world of Peeping Drexels, and after the high tension opening, it’s a surprisingly blissful finale.

You can watch the video for “Miami Lounge” below, but it only features the single cut, which jumps straight to the final frolicsome two minutes or so. We’d recommend you find the full version on streaming platforms so you can get through the madness and relax into the ending.

Peeping Drexels’ Bad Time EP comes out on May 14 through Brace Yourself (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.