Photo: Adam Tunnicliffe

Peeping Drexels take us into a sweaty and unsettling nightclub on “High Heels”

Peeping Drexels are still fairly new, with only an EP and a few singles under their belts, but they’re already deeming their new material a “rebirth”, which will be fully explored on their new EP, Bad Time, coming out on May 14. The first taste is “High Heels”, about which they say:

High Heels is a dimly lit journey through the narrow corridors and backrooms of a twisted underground club, all whilst under the influence of an unknown substance. Cinematic inspirations are scattered throughout the lyricism, from ‘Salò’ to the opening scene of ‘Blade’, dropping the listener into a world of sweaty strobe lights and high-class hedonism. The song is the first taste of Peeping Drexels rebirth; experimental new sounds, broader instrumentation, yet pop music to the bone. ‘High Heels’ is a never ending loop of bad-trip fuelled excess, and there is no way to escape.”

There’s almost nothing left to say, as Peeping Drexels have fully rendered the “dimly lit journey through the narrow corridors and backrooms of a twisted underground club” in the sordid and engrossing “High Heels”. Their vocal and instrumental detail evokes the euphoria-meets-paranoia so specifically that you can practically see the sweat dripping off your brow. Atmospheric, gloomy and enticingly creepy, “High Heels” finds Peeping Drexels gradually getting more manic – as the “white pills” gradually kick in, it seems – until the sensory overload gets a bit much. “Flashing red strobes as a I creep to the back row… can’t see straight but it still feels great.” It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper hedonistic night out – but Peeping Drexels put us right back in that dingy basement, with all its highs, lows, and complete messiness.

Watch the video for “High Heels”, by Joshua Roland, below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Peeping Drexels’ Bad Time EP comes out on May 14 through Brace Yourself (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.