Brighton, England-based psych-pop curiosity NANCY is set to release a new EP called Happy Oddities on August 7, and today he has shared a new track from it called “Orange Yellow Orange”. He explains its origins, saying:

“I wrote this during the midst of lockdown, thinking about all the things I couldn’t do. I’m an only child so am used to being alone, but once that privilege had been stripped for me I realised how much I take it for granted and how much I miss it. I’ll see you on the other side.”

“Orange Yellow Orange” is a perfect placement on an EP called Happy Oddities, as it’s a song that continues NANCY’s knack for stuffing plenty of musical surprises into small packages. We’ve all been dreaming of escape in these lockdown months, but in “Orange Yellow Orange” they come to vigorous life through enlivening whistles and blocky synth melodies, while NANCY’s downtrodden vocal at the core keeps this reverie tethered to the ground. “Orange Yellow Orange” manages to be at once bright yet grey, light yet heavy, and it’s all the more intriguing for these qualities.

NANCY’s new Happy Oddities EP is coming out on August 7 through B3SCI Records. You can find NANCY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.