Photo: Guillaume Plas

Let Elodie Gervaise ooze into your life with the ultracool synth-pop single “IMYG”

Elodie Gervaise is a French/Australian artist who put out a debut EP in 2019 when working with a quartet, but has recently set off on a new path towards a second EP called Syzygy, created with producer Maria Korkeila, that will arrive later this year.

Today she shares the first song from it, “IMYG”, which is short for “I’m your guy.” The confidence of the title is just the tip of the iceberg, as “IMYG” finds Gervaise amidst a world of shimmering synths and itching bass; it’s like polychromatic lights spinning on a dancefloor while she moves with effortless grace amidst them – she’s utterly magnetic. Slipping between French and English, she leaves us in no doubt that she’s completely in control, self-possessed, able to put anyone in their place. “I’m your guy, and now I’m ready – and you know why,” she affirms in the chorus, her singing dripping with suggestion. Her delivery is unwavering and ice cold – making us certain there’s nobody better to have as “your guy”; she’s ready to take on anything that the world might throw at her without breaking a sweat.

Watch the video for “IMYG” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

“IMYG” is out via B3SCI, with the Syzygy EP coming on October 15 (pre-save). You can find Elodie Gervaise on Instagram.