Swedish songwriter Miynt has been releasing singles sporadically since her debut album Stay on Your Mind in 2019, and today she returns with her first of 2021. It’s called “Nothing Personal”, and shows the songwriter in top form.

The title “Nothing Personal” clues you in to the mood of the track – does anyone ever say “nothing personal” and actually mean it? Miynt plays a coy part, admitting she’s “feeling lonely in the night time” as she weaves in and out of her churning, slightly psychedelic sound like a teasing and attractive figure that keeps evading your attention. Miynt remains cool and calm, but lures you deeper in with precision production that rises and falls in waves with her desire “I know you could be everything that I wanted,” she admits, before pulling back: “but I don’t know what to do.” This push and pull of attraction and uncertainty makes “Nothing Personal” a magnetic listen that you’ll keep returning to.

Listen to “Nothing Personal” on streaming platforms or below.

“Nothing Personal” is out today via B3SCI. You can find Miynt on Facebook and Instagram.