Since emerging in 2018, NANCY has released a couple of mini-albums, Mysterious Visions and Happy Oddities, and he’s making it a trilogy in January with the release of 7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues. Having already shared the title track from the new collection, he returns today with another offering called “Pleasure Pen”.

NANCY explains the new song, saying: “‘Pleasure Pen’ is based on the Sacher-Masoch novella Venus in Furs, it’s dark and dirty and needs to be listened to whilst engulfed in red light. Break out those assless chaps cos it’s about to get disgusting”.

Indeed, NANCY curates the perfect atmosphere for this kind of lurid and lascivious tale with a chunky, fuzzy low end that crawls along while his teasing vocals flit playfully around on top. There is no shortage of allure in “Pleasure Pen”, more than enough to make the atmosphere’s grottiness seem appealing as NANCY sucks you deeper into this leather-clad fantasy. Dotted all around the dripping sexuality of the bass and vocals are shimmering electronics, which add undeniable beauty to the track – as if they’re innocent lights swimming in the peripheries of your doped-up vision, as you ignore your better judgement and allow yourself to get sucked in. NANCY has created an intoxicating combination of textures, melodies and words here, and we’re ultimately powerless to resist being lured deeper into his “Pleasure Pen”.

You can listen to “Pleasure Pen” on streaming platforms or watch the self-directed video below.

NANCY’s new mini-album 7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues comes out on January 15 through B3SCI. You can find NANCY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.