Photo: Miranda Rosales

Mint Field announce new album with the crackling “Contingencia”

Mexican psych-rock band Mint Field have announced their second album; it’s called Sentimiento Mundial and will be coming out on September 25 through Felte. The excellent “Natural”, released back in April, gave us a clue as to how they’ve furthered their sound, and today’s new track “Contingencia” continues this thrilling trajectory. They say:

“‘Contingencia’ is one of the most energetic tracks from our upcoming album. A track about those times when we feel like we don’t have any other choice or way of doing things, and that sometimes we need to see the light that is in front of us. I really love this part that said “No puedes vivir ciega de lo que puedes ver”  (“You can’t live blind to what you can see”).”

Mint Field set out “Contingincia” as an eyes-on-the-horizon rocker, with the guitar rumbling determinedly forwards beneath Estrella Sanchez’s gorgeously spectral vocals, which yearn for freedom from whatever troubles her. The rugged rocker continues in this vain, until Mint Field throw in some surprising sonic shifts, leaving the listener tumbling from side to side as the band guides us through bumpy terrain – and it’s electrifying.

Mint Field’s new album Sentimiento Mundial is due for release on September 25 through Felte. You can find the band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.