Melissa Lunar

Mint Field learn to be present on “Orquídea”

Mexico City shoegaze-innovators Mint Field have a new album imminent for release, Aprender a Ser (translation: ‘learn to be’), which comes out on Felte October 27th. After the mesmeric first single “El Suspiro Cambia Todo”, the group formed by Estrella del Sol and Sebastian Neyra have now released a second glimpse, “Oruídea”.

The song is once again a testament to the distinctive sound Mint Field have carved out for themselves: unruly, majestic and painterly, bolstered by Del Sol’s ethereal vocal layers and crisp drumming courtesy of Ulrika Spacek’s Callum Brown. Where some shoegaze-adjacent bands sound like pillars of light coming down the heavens, Mint Field’s music has more the quality of an overgrown garden, a tactile frondage of petals, branches and leaves simulating grand torrential motions.

In light of these very musings, it makes sense “Oruídea” is named after orchid flowers, which are beautiful yet require a lot of tending to keep alive. According to the band, the song is about “treasure, longing for the moment of seeing an orchid grow full size. Orchids are on the most delicate flowers and most difficult to take care of. Watching when an orchid opens is a beautiful gift.”

Watch the striking video for “Oruídea” below. Directors Rebeca Becerra Cusi & Sabrina Mercado Ocampo explained, “We wanted to get closer to the beauty of the ephemeral, like the life of a flower. Love, spaces, people, have an end, and when they’re gone, they take us with it.”

You can preorder Aprender a Ser here. Estrella del Sol recently released her solo LP, Figura de Cristal, which you can find and order via her Bandcamp page. For more news and info, follow Mint Field on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.