Kirsten Miccoli

Ganser go “People Watching”, announce EP produced by Liars’ Angus Andrew

Chicago punk rockers Ganser peered way up into the heavens on their excellent LP Just Look At That Sky and followup remix EP Look At The Sun (featuring contributions from artists as diverse as Bartees Strange, Sad13, and Algiers). For their next project Nothing You Do Matters – a three-track EP produced by Liars’ Angus Andrew – it appears the band opted to wade deep into the dirt, working the graveyard shifts at vintage synth paradise.

According to co-founder Alicia Gaines (via Rolling Stone) Andrew insisted on deepening Ganser’s sound with more artificial textures. “Having Angus in a room, like, conducting as we were doing vocals and just really pushing us to go above and beyond where we’ve been before was a joy.” First glimpse comes in the form of “People Watching”, a strutting slice of angular noise punk, its piercing circle saw-groove is underpinned by Nadia Garofalo’s stone cold vocal delivery.

Speaking of ‘stone cold’; the music video sees Garofalo literally being buried alive in a grave of pebbles and rocks by her own bandmates. Well, obviously, not literally (as that would be potentially fatal) but it looks frighteningly convincing nevertheless. Turns out “People Watching” was filmed using the same LED projection display system used for blockbuster Star Wars shows like The Mandalorian. So how the heck do a bunch of DIY-minded punk rockers get a hold of these type of high-end digital toys? The answer is quite self-explanatory; Garofalo works in the film industry, and has all the right connections to access them.

Watch the video for “People Watching” below and find it on streaming services everywhere.

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